Florence Pedicure Spa $4,400.00 Save:$300.00(6%)

Introducing Made in Canada Florence Pedicure Spa incorporating the spa-inspired Waterdance System. Immerse your client’s feet in a uniquely shaped bowl and let them experience pure pleasure. This is the world’s first heat and Ozonator technology with no cross-contamination and 100% sanitation giving satisfaction to not only clients but technicians too.

Clients can also enjoy the state of the art shiatsu roller back massage system that follows the contours of your spine like no other roller system can do. Applying pressure to all the right spots.

This new design will be a great addition to any salon.

• Manicure Massage Chair; Full Shiatsu Massage.
• Acetone Resistant Arm Rests and Manicure Trays, Integrated on Both Sides.
• USB and Electrical Outlet.
• 9 Different Glass Bowl Colors.
• Flip-up Manicure Tray.
• Integrated Footrest.
• The Variety of Color and Finish Options.

9660 or 9621 leather color options are upcharge for $100.

Discharge pump 110V 5.5AMP 60hz. $250

Electric Liner Puncture $250

Ozonator $170

Air Pads $225 for a box of 180