La Trento $2,800.00 Save:$200.00(7%)
Introducing a new acrylic cost-effective and environmentally friendly spa – for use with disposable liners only – completes The Gulfstream high quality of excellence.
Gulfstream’s economical pedicure unit now available with liners, complete with our high-quality finishes.
Ideal for all spas and salons
La Trento Pedicure Spa comes with a state-of-the-art shiatsu roller back massage system. The roller back system works on applying pressure to all the right spots as well as providing several different functions: compression, kneading, percussion and rolling. All of these functions can be controlled by a hand-held remote which allows your client to customize their experience.
The IDJet Whirlpool System is one of the most powerful on the market. This system is easy to remove and clean with its magnetic locking system.
La Trento Pedicure Spa is available in an assortment of a durable acrylic base, high-quality massage chair, and IDJet Technology.

Discharge pump system $250

Backflow Preventer $50
Liner box $120 for 400 – 500 pcs
Gulfstream’s La Trento Pedicure Spa holds the following certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards.

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