Super Relax Pedicure Spa 2 $4,300.00 Save:$200.00(4%)

Introducing Gulfstream’s most extravagant unit yet, Super Relax Spa 2 combines elegance with the Universal Induction IDJET System. An appealing shaped base with a sparkling glass bowl linked together with this fantastic upscale all-over body massage chair. Bathing your customers in luxuriousness plus giving them peace of mind. A wonderful experience for both client and technician. Super Relax Spa 2 comes with remarkable innovation; Gulfstreams versatile and universal new footrest. Each pad can be lifted, turned and used in many different positions. The revolutionary 360-degree footrest is enhanced for the customers’ satisfaction. It offers options according to your interest with its gold and chrome models. Three different colour options Black #21 Pearl White #77 Chocolate #50. The discharge pump is $250. The LED light is $295. The Super Relax Spa 2 comes with the Universal Induction (IDJET) or Waterdance System without any upcharge. Or you can combine Waterdance and IDJET Systems on the same Super Relax Spa 2 for an extra cost. Backflow preventer for $50

• Luxurious, Reliable, Comfortable
• Great for manicure, pedicure, waxing, facials, and eyelash extensions
• Three different options for massage including the relaxing back roller massage.
• Also, it has one remote for the customer, with the seat forward/backward button conveniently placed for the technician.
• Elevate customer’s feet to a comfortable position for technicians
• Lose yourself in total relaxation.